Come one, come all, enjoy

Welcome to Serrano & Manchego, everything we do is built around a simple idea: Come one, come all, enjoy.

So it’s not just the great coffee and the friendly buzz, nor the pure, honest flavours of imported Spanish artisan produce; nor even the careful selection of scintillating sherries, wonderful wines and great beers.

It’s all that and the way we make everyone welcome, whether you’re a coffee drinker with laptop or a group of friends out on the town; a solo diner who wants to eat great food at the bar and enjoy the buzz, or a courting couple with eyes only for each other.

Serrano & Manchego brings people, food, and drink together to create something unique: the brisk warmth of a Spanish tapas bar serving delicious food and drink without compromise.

We’re open daily, 9AM to 10.30PM. Come and join us!


Working with the nespresso boutique coffee brand our magnificent coffee delivers consistent quality with every cup


Our dedicated range of Spanish spirits, beers and wines are chosen specifically for pairing with our tapas


All our dishes are made with the pure honest flavours of Spain's finest producers, certified with designation of origin as Spain's finest produce