Year: 2015

Padrón Peppers

27th October 2015

Padrón Peppers are traditionally grown outdoors in La Coruña, North-West Spain, and are in season from July to October, although the proliferation of of greenhouse production means you can now get them year-round. Picked when small, around 5cm long, they are generally mild, except for the odd one that is smokin’ hot. Miguel You can […]

Spotlight On Sherry Wine.

21st June 2015

If we look back a decade, Sherry was totally ranked as an afterthought or strictly a dessert wine, nowadays, it has a slot on wine lists. This is wine a lot of people are yet to discover. Its complexity and diversity is not reached by any other wine in the world not to forget its […]

An insight into our award-winning Manchego.

23rd March 2015

Our ‘Carpuela’ Manchego cheese is made with raw milk from the Manchega breed of sheep, tended by shepherds in the hills of La Mancha. This healthy free range grazing allows access to a diet of fresh grasses and herbs that adds an unparalleled flavour to the milk. This fresh milk is churned by hand into […]

An introduction to the Iberian Pig and our exquisite Jamón Bellota

12th February 2015

The iberian pig is one extraordinary pig not to be confused with the mass produced pig of the supermarkets. The origin of the Ibérico pig goes back millennia, even to the time of the cavemen who decorated the caves of Spain with their art. These are the original swine of Spain, tamed over the centuries. […]