Year: 2016

Jamón Ibérico with the D.N.A of a Super Pig

10th October 2016

An introduction to the cured meat of the Iberian pig. The Iberian pig is a very unique animal and has been roaming wild since the cavemen. It is even has an untampered and distinct DNA to the mass-produced pig of the supermarkets. Iberian pigs are categorised into ‘Ibérico’ and Ibérico de Bellota’. Both are bred […]


21st February 2016

The rise of the Spanish-style “Cortado” and similar drinks, such as the Flat White and the Piccolo, have given people a taste for shorter, stronger coffees. These coffees are typically made with a double espresso, topped with a small amount of steamed milk and served in a glass. Demand for shorter, stronger coffees is demonstrated […]

Bocadillos – Spanish Sandwiches

15th January 2016

Unlike the colossal, heavy sandwiches made popular by U.K high street chains, Bocadillos are not considered much more than a snack in Spain. Bocadillos are bite-sized sandwiches, served along side your coffee in cafeterias and tapas bars throughout Spain . As a humble snack, Bocadillos are served cold and are exquisitely simple too. Bocadillos are […]

The New Tapas Revolution

11th January 2016

Gone are the days of a poorly carved leg of jamón (and by that we mean hacked at), cubes of potatoes covered in cheap chilli sauce masquerading as Patatas Bravas and other Iberian-influenced atrocities. The tide is turning on these indecencies across the U.K. Through a combination of Improved customer knowledge, the rise of Spanish […]