Bocadillos – Spanish Sandwiches

Posted on 15th January 2016 by serranomanchegoadmin


Unlike the colossal, heavy sandwiches made popular by U.K high street chains, Bocadillos are not considered much more than a snack in Spain. Bocadillos are bite-sized sandwiches, served along side your coffee in cafeterias and tapas bars throughout Spain . As a humble snack, Bocadillos are served cold and are exquisitely simple too. Bocadillos are typically served without the complexity of pickles, onions, mayonnaise and fancy garnishes.  Whilst bocadillos may not sound as appealing the usual Pret a Manger offering, what they lack in size and ingredients, they make up for in flavour. Delicious and delightfully effortless to eat, Bocadillos are a love affair in the making!
Our Bocadillos come with Serrano ham, Serrano jam & Manchego cheese, Manchego cheese & Piquillo Pepper , Organic chorizo sausage & Piquillo pepper.