Jamón Ibérico with the D.N.A of a Super Pig

Posted on 10th October 2016 by serranomanchegoadmin


An introduction to the cured meat of the Iberian pig. The Iberian pig is a very unique animal and has been roaming wild since the cavemen. It is even has an untampered and distinct DNA to the mass-produced pig of the supermarkets.

Iberian pigs are categorised into ‘Ibérico’ and Ibérico de Bellota’. Both are bred with freedom to roam out doors in the natural habitat enjoying lifelong diet of herbs, grasses. Jamón de Bellota comes from a selection of the finest specimens of Ibérico pigs, groomed with a special diet of acorns (bellotas) during the last 6mths of its life to change the composition and absorption of the fats & oils into the meat. All this running around feasting, especially during the acorn season, does more than make for a well rounded, happy pig! It produces a sublime meat considered a delicacy around the world and also produces lean fat & oils packed with antioxidants that can include the meat in low calorie diets as health food! The hams from the slaughtered pigs are salted, air-dried and cured for up to 36 months. Our Jamón de Bellota is cured over 48mths and is supreme like the finest aged malt whisky